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Easter Gaitherin 2018 Participant Application Form

Please complete the form below. You should receive an automated e-mail confirming that your form has been received. We will send out payment and other information a week or two after your application form has been received. Should you have any questions, please make use of our email,

Shadow Application Form 2018

For Easter 2017 Shadows
  • You are not committing yourself at this point - this is just to give us a general idea
  • You are not committing yourself at this point. The more flexible you can be be the better though obviously you must be reasonably competent in the instrument or activity.
  • You might want to include your previous participation in the Gaitherin, any relevant experience of volunteering eg. with children, and any experience in your chosen instrument/activity.
  • You may want to include what personal skills and abilities it might give you and how it will contribute to your overall ambitions for your future.
  • Please tell us if you have any medical, dietary, learning, physical or other support needs that we should be aware of whilst you are involved with the Gaitherin.
  • It is preferable if you can attend all of the training and the whole Gaitherin week but please confirm below by ticking what you can attend. If you have a particular problem with any of days we may still be able to accommodate you.