Participants in the October (secondary aged) Gaitherins are welcome to apply to be Shadows at the Easter (primary aged) Gaitherins.

Shadows must be in S4 or above and  Shadows aged 16 or over will need to have an appropriate PVG record (which the Gaitherin will organise).

A Shadow is a volunteer position and assists the work of either the Youth Workers or the Tutors.  There is no charge to Shadows for taking part and no fee is paid to them.  Shadows are expected to arrange their own lunches.

Shadowing is a very important part of the opportunities offered to young people by the Gaitherin.  Shadows learn valuable knowledge and skills including team work, child protection, youth work, instructing, health and safety.  Hours spent Shadowing can be used for wider Youth Development Schemes and Awards such as the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.

Potential Shadows take part in a two-day intensive training and selection programme designed to equip them to work successfully at the Gaitherin and to really understand the ethics and principles of being part of this highly successful youth work initiative.